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We proudly offer you a fabulous cost effective way to promote your site to millions of people around the world

Never again pay someone else to submit your Web Site without getting superior results

Jimmy Rocker Search Engine Submitter (Lite Version) uses a perl script that submits your url to the Internet Search Engines and Directories.

Jimmy Rocker Search Engine Submitter submits to 65 Major Search Engines and Directories in minutes. The script comes with 75 pre-configured Search Engine Templates, with the ability to add more and easily expand your submission Database.

A big advantage to this powerful script is that it is fully customizable and can easily be extended to support even more engines. Search engine submission can be a painstaking process and will be easily accomplished through our special proprietary scripts.

We will always include "Top-of-the-Line" search engines and directories as well as the "Free For All Pages" and "Message Boards" etc., and other similiar products in order to supplement the larger number of submissions. Our re-submission of these items will easily extend the total number of actual hits to your Web Site which enhances the value of this script.

On the other hand we already provide the Free For All Matrix for Submissions to the popular Jimmy Rocker FFA Pages.

Jimmy Rocker Search Engine Submitter allows for you to setup your very own Search Engine Submission Service to register new urls on the Internet as well as doing advertising for other businesses, products and services.

This system is the only Submission Service that compiles and matches tens of thousands of marketing keywords to arrive at appropriate "business to search engine" meta keyword submission scripts. This is the only way to ensure the success of your url submissions.

The Server's Response code that is used from the majority of the submission programs and services is not enough to ensure the success of our submissions. If we don't find the search engine response on our screen it is impossible to be sure if the server's "ok" code (200), which is usually translated as a "successful submission", is affiliated with a Success page, a Try again Page or an Error Request page.

With the advanced data output of Jimmy Rocker Search Engine Submitter, we are now able to receive the search engine reply on our computer screen in real time and know if our submission was successful or not, instantly. If your site fails to reach the top 20 search engine results, we simply try again with a different algorithm.

This is Simply the Best Tool for Web Providers, Web Masters and Web Marketers, and a great way to attract and keep visitors returning your Website.

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