Subterranean Matrix

The Hermetic Arcanum
The story Of The Alchymist, And The Source Of Magick
The Secrets Revealed
A Practical Guide to Hermetic Science, And Its Principles
A Comprehensive Study Of Our Secular Universe
The Creation Of God, And The Search For The Christ
Sacred Geometry, The Mother Site
A Hollistic Understanding Of Fundamental Concepts
DNA and Sacred geometry, The 4th level
Effects Of The dodecahedron on the DNA
Leading Edge Technological Reseach
The Path To The Future
The School Of Pythagoras, And Its Influences
A Study Of Music, Numbers, And Proportions
The Mother Load, The Final Lessons
The Embodyment Of Religiosity, The Manifestation Of The Christ
The World Sixteen Crucified Saviors. (the Book)
The Model of Most Major Religions
Ah, yes, Secret Society Links
Some are Evil. Some are Good. Which way will you go?

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