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[A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A !-!-! Electro Plasma Bolt]

Give it to me *#&%$#! Give it to me, Give it to me! [subliminal symbolism in effect]
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[Cindy Crawford! OOOoooohhh Cindy! OOOOOooooohhhhh, CINNNNDDDEEEEEEEE!!!!]

Magic Doorway

* Cyber Cheese * Scorpions * Hellraiser
* Doo Doo * Hoy Hoy * Universal Studios
* Terminator * Unbreakable * Indiana Jones

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Spatial Conjunction

***Jimmy Rocker's Pinball Arcade***
***Fight, Claw, Scratch and Bite!!!*** ..Crazy Flippers...Pop Bumpers...Drop Targets...Playfield...Spinners... Gates...Ramps...Spring-Loaded Mechanisms...Solenoids...Magnets... Synchronized Sound-Action...Catchy Hooks and Riffs...Barbie Doll Babes ...Bizarre Sound Effects...Whistles and Bells...Extra Ball... Video Mode...Frenzy...Bonus...Tilt...Special...Replay...KABOOM!!!--

........FIREWORKS!!!...Explosions...Machine Gun Frenzy...Video Mode...Extra Ball...Sexual Innuendoes...Strange Sounds...Jenny McCarthy Clones...Outlandish Jam Sessions...Twisting Ramps...Gates...Flippers...Bumpers...Targets...Hidden Messages with Double Meanings....................By JIMMY ROCKER..........










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